Human Services

What We Offer

Quantum Certification Services offers certification to the following human services standards:

  • National Standards for Disability Services
  • National Disability Advocacy Program
  • Human Services Standards (Victoria)

We understand the pressures and unique challenges facing human services organisations. Quantum Certification Services experienced Human Services team can provide your organisation with reliable, high quality audit services that add value to your quality management system and service provision for your clients.

National Standards for Disability Services

The National Standards for Disability Services are applicable to all Disability Employment Services and Australian Disability Enterprises.

All disability employment services must meet the requirements of the independent quality assurance framework from the Australian Government as a condition of funding.


The National Standards for Disability Services focus on rights and outcomes for people with disability. The framework for the National Standards promote person-centred approaches and are based on two principles:

  • Human Rights – to promote respect, dignity and opportunity and advance the human rights, well-being and interests of people with a disability.
  • Quality Management – a focus on the standards as fundamental to quality service delivery

National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP)

The National Disability Advocacy Program provides people with disability with access to effective disability advocacy that promotes, protects and ensures their full and equal enjoyment of their human rights enabling community participation.

Advocacy for people with disability can be defined as speaking, acting or writing with minimal conflict of interest on behalf of the interests of a disadvantaged person or group, in order to promote, protect and defend the welfare of and justice for either the person or group.


Models within scope are Citizen Advocacy, Family Advocacy, Individual Advocacy, Legal Advocacy, Self-advocacy and Systemic Advocacy.

NDAP agencies assist with issues that may arise with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or with support providers.

Human Services Standards Victoria / NDIA

The Human Services Standards are a single set of service-delivery quality standards for service providers.

The aims of the Standards and independent review process is to ensure that people experience the same quality of service no matter which service provider they are accessing.

The review process requires us to assess organisational performance to the four service quality standards and corporate and management standards that you have decided to use – we offer National Standards for Disability Services or ISO 9001.

In Victoria, a pre-requisite for NDIS registration is achieving and maintaining status as a Victorian approved NDIS provider.  To gain status as a Victorian approved NDIS provider, organisations must comply with Victoria’s quality and safeguarding requirements.

This means that newly registered Victorian approved NDIS providers of disability services are required to undertake an independent review against the Human Services Standards and chosen governance and management standards within 12 months of registration.

AIMS OF THE Human Services Standards

The Standards aim to:

  • Embed and promote rights for people accessing services
  • Assure the community that service providers are providing services that meet clients’ needs
  • Develop a common and systemic approach to quality review processes
  • Build greater transparency in quality requirements between the department, service providers, clients and the community
  • Enable service providers to select an independent review body from an approved panel that meets their requirements and expectations
  • Foster a culture of continuous quality improvement that is embedded in everyday practice and supports the meaningful participation of people in giving feedback about the services they require and the quality of services they receive
  • Reduce red tape to help ensure service providers have more time and resources to provide services by reducing the number of quality reviews they are required to undertake.

To prepare for the certification process you are required to complete a self-assessment using our Self-Assessment Tool. This must be submitted to us before we commence the Stage 1 Audit.

Consumer and Client Participation

Human services audits include the involvement of consumers, advocates, carers, support persons and any other relevant stakeholders in the audit. This participation can occur through:

  • Participation in opening and closing meetings
  • Audit interviews
  • File reviews

Consumer participation in audits is voluntary. Providers must ensure consumers are informed of their choice to utilise independent advocacy support to engage in audits prior to their consent being obtained.

It is desirable to obtain the consumer’s consent and agreement for their participation in the audit in writing.  An independent advocate should be involved to determine the consumer’s capacity to provide consent; and to support an appropriate level of involvement by the consumer where required.  Where written consent is not obtained, the reason for this is recorded by the audit team and evidence supporting the assumption that consent was sought and has been obtained e.g. verbal and active participation in the audit.

Providers are required to invite consumer participation in the audit opening and closing meetings.

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