Management Systems

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) standard. It is the world’s leading quality management standard and has been implemented by over one million organisations in over 170 countries globally. The ISO 9001 Standard promotes the implementation of a quality management system that can improve your organisation’s ability to meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. Adopting ISO 9001 can help your business to deliver services and products that meet your customer’s expectations and drive business performance.

Quality Management Principles

This well-known Standard is based on the seven quality management principles:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Engagement of people
  4. Process approach
  5. Improvement
  6. Evidence based decision making
  7. Relationship management

Transfer of Certification

You have the right to transfer certification to another certification body at any time during the certification cycle and as long as your company has a current certificate.

Quantum Certification Services will liaise with your original Certification Body to ensure a smooth transfer process for the continuation of your audits and certification cycle.

If you choose to transfer your certification to Quantum Certification Services, this process will be completed in accordance with our procedures.