Quantum's experienced team conducts National Standards for Disability Services audits for Disability Employment Services funded by the Australian Government to provide Disability Management Services and Employment Support Services and to help people with disability find work and keep a job.

The National Standards for Disability Services are also approved governance and management standards within the scope of the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Human Services Scheme Victoria.

Disability Employment Services must meet the requirements of the independent quality assurance framework from the Australian Government and undergo annual audits. The audit process includes an experienced lead auditor and a consumer technical expert.  The consumer technical expert is a person with disability engaged for their specialist knowledge and abilities and empathy with the life experience of people with disability.

Our experienced auditors and consumer technical experts take a proportionate approach when auditing providers who can range from small, medium to large organisations who may also offer State and Australian Government funded services and programs.

The National Standards for Disability Services focus on the rights and outcomes for people with disability, and promotes a person-centred approach to service delivery, and are based on two principles:

  • Human Rights: to promote respect, dignity and opportunity and advance the human rights, well-being and interests of people with a disability
  • Quality Management: a focus on the standards as fundamental to quality service delivery