Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

Our personnel are bound by our Code of Conduct and ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems. Our personnel are prohibited from accepting or requesting payments, gifts or any other inducements given for the purpose of influencing the audit and certification process. Small, culturally appropriate, token gifts of nominal value from organisations may be accepted.

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

Feedback Process

We welcome your feedback so you can tell us what works for you and what doesn’t. Complaints are an important source of feedback and play a valuable role in the ongoing improvement of our business.

Complaints will be dealt with promptly, fairly, and confidentially. If you have a complaint you can contact our office by phone, letter or email. All feedback should be directed to:

Managing Director
Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 1455
Geelong VIC 3220

Email info@quantumcs.com.au

Telephone 03 5229 1219

Complaints Handling and Resolution Process
  • Your complaint will be acknowledged and we will seek to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • If we cannot resolve the issue immediately, an investigation shall be conducted into the complaint to determine facts around the issue and to consider options for complaint resolution.
  • We will keep you informed about the complaints resolution process and we will formally advise you of the outcome.
  • If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you have the right to appeal.
  • All complaints are recorded on our feedback register and are treated confidentially.
  • All complainants will be fairly treated.

The Manager Director is responsible for complaints and appeals management.  Appeals that cannot be resolved by the Managing Director are referred to our Impartiality Committee.

  • Clients have the right to appeal against any audit or certification decision made by Quantum Certification Services. All appeals must be submitted in writing within seven working days from the notification of the certification decision.
  • Any correspondence submitted for an appeal, should include all relevant information needed for consideration of the appeal. Quantum Certification Services Impartiality Committee and the Managing Director will review the appeal.
  • All submissions will be dealt with fairly and without bias.  Procedural fairness is applied by us when dealing with complaints.
  • All appeals are treated confidentially.
  • We will keep you informed about the progress of the appeal and we will formally advise you of the outcome.
  • Quantum Certification Services will not accept any claims for reimbursement of costs, losses, damages resulting from the appeals process.

Terms and Conditions

Statement of Impartiality

We practice the requirement for impartiality in certification decisions and will ensure this is followed through the entire certification process.

We understand the importance of independence and impartiality in our certification activities and we take all necessary steps to manage and/or eliminate potential or real conflicts of interest, which may prejudice or compromise our impartiality. JAS-ANZ audits Quantum to verify compliance with national and international auditing requirements.


We are responsible for all information provided, obtained or created during the performance of any certification process.  We treat all information provided to us securely and in confidence.  If there is information about a client which is to be made publicly available, we will advise the client prior to this happening.  Except, if this information is required by law or contractual agreement, we will, unless prevented by law, notify the client or person concerned.

General Conditions

Quantum Certification Services’ clients must comply with all the requirements of the relevant certification standards and with the requirements outlined in our full Terms and Conditions of Certification.

The client must inform us of any changes in their organisation which may affect the certification and/or the quality of the product or service.

The client must undertake to, when notified of changes to the certification scheme by Quantum Certification Services, implement all changes in a timely manner.

Certification Mark

Quantum Certification Services’ Certification Assessment Marks

  • May only be used whilst the management system is maintained and the registration remains valid
  • May be used only in conjunction with your organisation’s name and/or Logo on stationery, literature and publicity material
  • Shall not be used on a product or affixed in any way that may be interpreted as denoting product certification or conformity.

Use of the JAS-ANZ Accreditation Symbol

The following conditions apply to the use of the JAS-ANZ accreditation symbol:

  • The combination of the JAS-ANZ accreditation symbol and Quantum’s conformity assessment mark is placed next to the client’s name and/or logo.
  • The dimensions of the JAS-ANZ accreditation symbol and Quantum’s conformity assessment mark must be proportionately equal.
  • The JAS-ANZ accreditation symbol is only to be reproduced in the colour combination of PMS Reflex Blue and PMS 485 (Red).
  • The URL for the JAS-ANZ register (jas-anz.org/register) must be displayed directly beneath the symbol.

The Terms and Conditions for Certification provided to our clients, specifies full details on the conditions for use of the JAS-ANZ accreditation symbol and Quantum’s certification assessment mark.

Transfer of Certification

Transfer Process

Only certifications that are covered by an accreditation of an IAF MLA are eligible for transfer.

Organisations holding certifications that are not covered by such accreditations are treated as new clients.

Quantum Certification Services recognises the client’s right to choose a certification body without being unduly or unfairly constrained.

Pre-Transfer Review

The transfer process commences with a review of your certification to verify the validity of certification and status of outstanding nonconformities. In conducting the pre-transfer review we will:

  • Seek to confirm that your organisation’s certified activities fall within our scope
  • Determine the reasons for seeking a transfer
  • Verify the site or sites seeking to transfer certification, hold accredited certification, is authentic, have accredited valid certification
  • Consider the last certification or recertification audit reports, subsequent surveillance reports and any outstanding nonconformities that may arise from them
  • Complaints received and action taken
  • The stage in the current certification cycle
  • Any current engagement by the organisation with regulatory bodies in respect of legal compliance.

Only valid, current certification will be transferred. In cases where certification has been granted by a certification body that has ceased trading or whose accreditation has expired, been suspended or withdrawn, acceptance of the transfer will be at our discretion. Before proceeding with the transfer, we will obtain agreement from the accreditation body, whose mark it intends to place on the certificate.

In the case of acquisitions we shall where practical, fulfil the contractual obligations of the acquired certification body.

Outstanding nonconformities should be closed out if practical, with the issuing certification body, before transfer. Where this has not occurred, Quantum Certification Services will review and close out the nonconformities.

If no further outstanding or potential problems are identified by the pre-transfer review, certification may be issued following the normal decision making process. The program of ongoing surveillance will be based on the previous certification regime unless Quantum Certification Services has conducted an initial or recertification audit as a result of the review.

Where doubt continues to exist, after the pre-transfer review, as to the adequacy of a current or previously held certification, Quantum Certification Services will, depending upon the extent of doubt, either:

  • Treat the applicant as a new client, or
  • Conduct an audit concentrating on identified problem areas.

The decision as to  action required will depend upon the nature and extent of any problems found and shall be explained to you. The justification for the decision will be documented and records maintained by us.

Quantum Certification Services cooperates with organisations transferring to another Certification Body by providing requested information about the status of the organisation’s certification.


Fees are detailed in your quotation.  As costs are based on the charge rate applicable at the time of submitting a quotation, we reserve the right to increase charges during the certification period.

Clients will be notified of any increase in fees outside of the quote provided.

Additional fees apply for any additional work that is not included in the agreed quotation.  This may include additional unscheduled audits or follow-up required due to identification of non-conforming product or non-compliance to the Management System or Certification Program.

Suspension and Cancellation / Withdrawal of Certification

The Licensee may terminate their Agreement at any time by giving written notice to Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd at least two (2) months prior to the due of their next audit date as per audit schedule. Failure to meet this requirement may result in a fee.

Breaches of any of the obligations referred to in our Terms and Conditions of Certification and failure to remedy the breach in accordance with any written directive from Quantum, may result in immediate suspension of this License and/or termination of this Agreement.  Quantum shall restore the suspended certification if the issue that resulted in the suspension has been resolved.

Upon suspension of the License, the Licensee must immediately stop using the Trade Mark/s, until such time as its continued use is restored and authorized in writing by Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd.

Should this Agreement be terminated either by the Licensee or Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd, the Licensee must immediately stop using the Trade Mark/s and return to Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd any Trade Mark/s or other Trade Mark/s art-work previously supplied by Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd.

Reduction of Scope

Scope of certification will be reduced to exclude the parts not meeting requirements if the client has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements.  The reduction will be in accordance with the requirements of the standard used for certification.

Certified Client Obligations

You must ensure that the ongoing activities for which certification has been granted comply with the requirements and rules of Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd.

Read the requirements and rules

The requirements and rules of Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd certification program include but are not restricted to:

  1. The standard on which the certification is based.
  2. The License fee, Surveillance Audit fees and any other fees or charges which may be agreed to from time to time between the Licensee and Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd. Note: Any intended changes to the quality system or other changes, which may adversely affect product or system conformity, must be notified to Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd. Factors considered important include change of ownership, changes in personnel or equipment.
  3. Your certificate is issued to cover the place(s) where the audit was conducted. If you intend to change your address and wish to remain registered you must inform Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd so that we can determine what actions are necessary for you to maintain your registration.
  4. Must ensure that all reasonable requests and/or directions made by Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd in relation to the conduct of activities for which certification has been granted, including the manner and use of this Trade Mark/s and/or accreditation marks, are complied with.
  5. Must not make any direct or implied claim that the Trade Mark/s and/or accreditation marks covers an activity, or activities, which are outside the scope of certification schedule for which certification has been granted.
  6. Must not assign or otherwise transfer all or any part of the rights granted under this Agreement to any third party.
  7. Acknowledges that the Trade Mark is the intellectual property of Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd or its successors or assignees, and that the accreditation mark/s is the property of the Accreditation Body/Bodies.
  8. Must ensure that where multiple sites, and/or differing certification scopes are held, procedures will be established and maintained for notifying purchasers of any goods and services produced or provided outside of the certification scope registered with Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd.
  9. Must make clear in all contacts with its clients that the certification issued by Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd in no way implies that the product or service certified is approved by accreditation authorities or the appropriate Australian or New Zealand Government Ministers.
  10. Must allow the Accreditation Body to witness any of our audits. The rules require that the Accreditation Body may select any of our audits for witness. This witness audit by the Accreditation Body is to ensure that both auditors and Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd are operating in a professional manner and in line with all requirements. We will inform you of such a selection prior to the audit.
  11. Must, when notified of changes to the certification scheme by Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd, implement all changes in a timely manner.
  12. Must, if providing copies of the certification documents to other parties, reproduce the documents in their entirety or as specified in the certification scheme.
  13. Must keep a record of all complaints relating to compliance with certification requirements and make this record available to Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd when requested.
  14. Must take appropriate action with respect to complaints and/or any deficiencies found in products that affect compliance with requirements for certification.
  15. Must document the actions taken in response to 11 and 12 above.

*Special Conditions – Disability/Human Services Clients must consent to Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd forwarding copies of any audit findings on to a third party e.g. The relevant State or Federal Department.