About Quantum Certification Services

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Quantum Certification Services understand the challenges facing organisations and service providers operating in a changing environment.

Our team of qualified auditors have knowledge, competence and experience to deliver certification services that you can trust.

Mission Statement

Quantum Certification Services is committed to providing high quality, reliable and trusted certification services to clients who seek to gain real benefits from their audits and certification.

Vision Statement

To deliver leading certification services based on confidence, trust, integrity and outstanding service.

Customer Service Charter

At Quantum Certification Services we are committed to:

  • Delivering customer focussed certification services
  • Providing reliable, trusted services to our clients that embody the principles of auditing
  • Acting with integrity and professionalism in all facets of our operations
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Maintaining professionalism, diligence and judgement in provision of certification services
  • Maintaining confidentiality and discretion in the use and protection of your business information
  • Acting impartially and independently in provision of certification services.
Legal Status

Quantum Certification Services Pty Ltd is registered as a company under the Corporations Act 2001 in Victoria (8/9/2014).

Sharon Steele

Principal and Managing Director
Quantum CS - Sharon Steele

Jade Swadling

Operations Manager
Jade Swadling

Jess Kuykhoven

Certification Coordinator
Quantum CS - Jess Kuykhoven

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