Workforce Australia Quality Assurance Framework Audits

Sharon in conversation during audit process

The Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) sets out the minimum standards of quality for Workforce Australia Providers.  To achieve certification, Providers must achieve certification against one of the 2 approved Quality Standards and demonstrate adherence to the Department's 7 Quality Principles.

Quantum is your one stop shop for certification to the Quality Assurance Framework.

Quantum is approved by the Department of Workplace Relations to audit the Quality Assurance Framework, and we are JASANZ accredited for ISO 9001:2015 and the National Standards for Disability Services.

We can conduct integrated audits for Providers requiring certification for these standards, giving economy of scale, minimizing business disruption and duplication with multiple audits, and cost savings to your organisation.

To obtain certification Providers must:

  • Achieve certification against one of the two approved Quality Standards: ISO 9001:2015 or the National Standards for Disability Services; and
  • Demonstrate conformance to the Department’s 7 Quality Principles:
    • Governance
    • Leadership
    • Staff
    • Participants
    • Labour market, Employers and Community
    • Operational effectiveness
    • Continual improvement
Types of Quality Principles Audits

The certification cycle includes:

Certification audit

The certification audit is conducted in the first year and includes all quality principles.  Providers must complete a self-assessment and an on-site audit is conducted by Quantum to assess conformity to the 7 Quality Principles, Key Performance Measures and Practice Requirements.

Surveillance audit

Conducted annually in between the certification and recertification audits.  This includes 50% of the Practice Requirements, any non-conformances identified in the Certification or Recertification audit; and any other Practice Requirements identified by the Department.

Recertification audit

Conducted every 3 years and includes all Quality Principles, Key Performance Measures and Practice Requirements.

Extraordinary audit

These are conducted where requested by the Department.  The scope of the audit is determined y the Department and is targeted to a specific aspect, or aspects of the Quality Principles.

Audit outcome

On completion of the audit, we complete a Quality Principles Audit Report, and where applicable a Corrective Action Plan that is used to record corrective actions for non-conformances resulting from a Quality Principles Audit.

On completion of all audit processes, the Department confirms certification with the Provider.